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Iroquois Nationals Lacrosse Camp - Girls  Lacrosse

Fall 2020
Oct 11 ’20
Oct 11 ’20

October 10th-11th weekend will be the date of the INL camp. This event will feature SUNY Cortland Head Coach Steve Beville and other notable indigenous coaches from the area. This event will be held in the US for Iroquois youth who live on this side of the border.

Each session will be 90 minutes long.

Please follow this registration and RSVP for your respective age groups. If you are a parent registering multiple children, you will have to register every child individually. 

Anyone who registers on 10/7/20 and after or walk-up registers will receive their special gift at a later date. Your name and information will be taken down to receive the gifts. 

Here is the updated schedule for Sunday:

9:45 am - Girls (7-12) registrations and sign-ins start

10 am - Girls (7-12) camp start

11:30 pm (noon) - Girls (7-12) camp end and departure

11:45 pm - Girls (13-18) registrations and sign-ins start

12 pm - Girls (13-18) camp start

1:30 pm - Girls (13-18) camp end and departure

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